How to Use a Core Sand Mixer?

Building and construction are being made easy in each passing day. Mixing of sand for any construction does not need you to struggle to do it manually using a spade. The core sand mixer makes the work easy. You do not know how to use the core sand mixer? No worries. Here are the steps you can take:


Step 1: Load the mixer with sand and silicate

The ratio of the silicate to sand that you want to use in this case depends on the instruction from your engineer. Once you know the ratio, just place the mixture into the mixer. If you load it to the fullest, it will be to your advantage since it makes use of electric power. The more you load, the most effective it becomes.


Step 2: Power the mixer shortly


Once you load it, you now ought to power the mixer for about 10 to 15 seconds. The reason for doing this is basically to level the sand in it. After leveling, you may realize there will be more space created. If so, you can consider adding more sand so that it is full.


Step 3: Make a depression in the sand


Once the sand is leveled, scoop some amount of send from the mixer. This is to create space for the catalyst. Once space is enough, you can add a catalyst to space. Remember it is the catalyst that is going to speed up the mixing process.


Step 4: Power the mixer again


This time around, you should power it for around two minutes. As you do this, the sand and the catalyst will definitely mix. After two minutes, you can stop it to add a binder to the mixer. This you can do through the dispersion tunnel. At this point, you can most likely guess that you have already done the major part of mixing. When you feel that the mixing has been uniform, you can now empty the mixer through the tunnel and now use the mixed sand for your contraction.

While you may not need this information when makingĀ outdoor sink and countertop, it may come in handy some day.

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